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Commercial Pool Repair in Richmond, VA

Are you a commercial pool operator that is in charge of maintenance? Maybe the commercial pumps need a fix, or the pool is worn out and needs some attention. If that’s the case, then look no further, Legacy Pools is your reliable partner in commercial pool repairs. Having abundant experience in handling complex commercial repairs, including commercial pool pump repair, we are poised and prepared to offer our expertise. Locally owned and operated by Aaron Evans, Legacy Pools is committed to finishing each task with superior service and top-notch workmanship. The conclusion of your project is not where our responsibility ends. We are dedicated to providing ongoing commercial pool services support for years to come. At Legacy, we stand as your ally in maintaining the aesthetics and safety of your commercial pool.

Types of Properties That Have Commercial Pools

Are you wondering if the pool you manage is technically a “commercial pool”? These are the types of properties that are traditionally considered commercial:

Hotels and Motels​

These accommodations often have commercial swimming pools as amenities for their guests. These pools vary in size and style but share the commonality of providing entertainment and relaxation for multiple users.

Apartment Complexes

Residential properties like condos or apartment complexes often include a communal pool area. These commercial pools must be maintained regularly due to their frequent usage.

Sports Clubs and Public Gyms

A substantial element for many sports clubs and gyms is a commercial swimming pool. These can be used for professional training, swimming classes or as part of a general workout regimen.

Schools and Universities​

Many educational institutions have commercial swimming pools for their students and staff. These are usually used for physical education, varsity sports, or recreational events.

Municipal or Community Recreation Centers​

These centers are community hubs where residents can meet, workout, and take part in recreational activities. A commercial pool is often a popular feature of these centers.

Water Park and Resorts​

A key attraction of many resorts and water parks is the commercial swimming pool. These can range from simple, large pools to complex installations with slides and wave machines. These commercial pool operators deal with a variety of issues including staffing.

Rehabilitation Centers and Hospitals​

For some medical treatments like physical therapy and hydrotherapy, a commercial pool is crucial. These pools are often designed with easy access for patients with disabilities.

Country Clubs or Golf Courses

These high-profile venues often boast luxurious commercial pools among their amenities. They provide a space where members can relax, socialize, enjoy a swim or even take lessons.

How Our Commercial Pool Repair Works

Commercial pool problems can range from minor leaks to major structural damages, and this requires specialized knowledge, experience, and tools to promptly address and rectify these pool issues. Our dedicated team at Legacy Pools is professionally trained to tackle any pool-related challenge that might arise. We handle commercial pool repair near Richmond and throughout the state of Virginia.

We always begin with an in-depth inspection of the pool to identify any probable faults. Once the problem has been identified, we then sketch out a comprehensive repair plan tailored to meet the specific needs of the pool in question. Our clients are then presented with a detailed analysis of the situation, the proposed fix and a clear-cut quotation for the required services. We believe in a transparent approach to doing business, thus we ensure clients are fully aware of what the repair will entail before starting the job.

With the client’s approval, we then embark on the repair process. Our team uses top-quality materials and innovative techniques to ensure the longevity of our repairs. We aim to minimize disruption of your everyday operations during the repair process, thus we provide quick yet efficient services. Additionally, we uphold safety standards, making sure your pool meets all the necessary regulations and guidelines.

After the repair job, we conduct a post-repair check to ensure everything is in perfect shape. This may also involve physical and chemical balancing of the pool to ensure the safety and comfort of swimmers. Commercial Pool Repair isn’t just about fixing what’s broken but also providing preventive maintenance solutions. We offer advice on proper maintenance practices to avoid future damages and unnecessary repair costs. At Legacy Pools, we’re always mindful of how we can help maintain your commercial pool, ensuring its longevity and the continuous enjoyment of your visitors for many more years to come.

Commercial Pool Renovation Services Include:​
  • Commercial pool pump repair
  • Commercial pool repair
  • Commercial pool renovations
  • Commercial pool tile or plaster repair
  • Great service from a locally-owned business
  • Expert pool builders to handle any potential issue
  • Top-quality building materials
  • Hands-on management of your project
  • Support before, during, and after your project

Why Choose Legacy for Your Commercial Pool Services in Richmond, VA?

Our business, Legacy Pools, is a homegrown, family-run operation deeply focused on nurturing enduring connections with all our customers with outstanding and trustworthy craftsmanship. The name ‘Legacy’ reflects our dedication to leaving an enduring mark in Richmond and beyond by delivering top-tier customer service. Our prime objective is to construct a legacy that will benefit future generations. Commercial pool operators are tasked with a complex job and high demands from customers. Let us repair you pool today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair hotel pools?


Yes! Legacy Pools can repair your hotel pool. Working on commercial pools often demands advanced skills and unique solutions due to the size and high usage characteristics. An issue faced by hotel pools is never just a standalone problem, it directly impacts the hotel’s reputation, guest experience, and hence the overall business success. Whether your hotel pool needs repair due to leaks, mechanical failures, or damaged tiles, Legacy has a wide array of solutions for these problems. Commercial pool pump repair can be a complex task – let Legacy help!

Do you have experience with HOA-led pool maintenance?

Experience with HOA-led pool maintenance is a crucial factor when engaging in commercial pool repair. At Legacy Pools, we have a wealth of experience dealing with various HOA-led pool maintenance.


Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs) typically manage community pools in residential complexes. Their primary role is to ensure that the pools are kept clean, functional, and safe for all the residents to use. They do this by regularly coordinating pool maintenance schedules which may involve treatments, repairs, and regular check-ups.


In our many years of operating in this field, we have worked closely with various HOAs, thereby honing our skills and insight in this area. An intimate knowledge of HOA procedures can streamline the process of repairing commercial pools. We understand the typical issues that arise with these pools, from pump repair, acidity imbalance, to the replacement of mechanical components.


Moreover, knowing the regulations and standards of HOAs, we can guarantee our work’s compliance, thereby avoiding potential conflict, litigation, or unwarranted expenditure. This not only ensures that pool repairs are done right the first time but can also prevent costly HOA fines and future repair needs. Our extensive experience in this area makes us exceptionally qualified to manage and carry out such tasks efficiently. Thus, if you are looking for a pool repair company with proficiency in HOA-led pool maintenance, Legacy Pools is your reliable option.