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Pool Liner Installation in Richmond, VA

If you’re a pool owner or considering becoming one, you’ve likely heard of pool liners. A key element in maintaining the health and aesthetics of your swimming pool, pool liners are more important than you might think. At Legacy Pools, we routinely use vinyl liners in our pool construction for customers. We find the vinyl liner pools to be durable and a great value. Customers also call us for swimming pool liner repair and replacement. Let Legacy help give you a high-quality option for your pool construction in Richmond!

Pool Liner Replacements

Usually, the need for pool liner replacements arises when there are signs of extreme wear and tear. Examples of this may include large tears, leaks, or fading that will affect its overall aesthetic and performance. If neglected, substantial issues like significant structural problems could occur that necessitate even costlier repairs.

The replacement process is quite intricate. It involves draining and cleaning the pool before the removal of the old liner. The pool bottom might need a new layer of sand and may also involve additional structural repairs or modifications. Afterward, a new liner is installed and secured before the pool can be refilled and used again. We recommend hiring a professional like Legacy Pools to help with your swimming pool liner repair and replacement.

Pool Liner Installation Service Includes:
  • Great service from a locally-owned business
  • A choice in your design, texture, and depth
  • Durable liner supplies
  • Hand-on management of your project
  • Pool Renovation of Hardscapes
  • Support before, during, and after the building project

Why choose Legacy Pools as Your Pool Liner Installer?

At Legacy Pools, we’re proud to be a local, family-owned business focused on developing strong ties with our clients through our commitment to the highest professional standards and unmatched workmanship. Whether you need repairs or a pool liner installation near Richmond, we are here to do work you can trust. ‘Legacy’ isn’t an arbitrary title for us, it embodies our dedication to casting a long-standing mark on the Richmond pool construction industry with our unparalleled customer service. Our main objective is to create a legacy, a footprint that future generations can build upon. We believe in turning your swimming pool dreams into our lasting legacy! Schedule an appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a pool liner be replaced?

Typically, a high-quality vinyl pool liner, when properly taken care of, can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years. Within this period, the liner maintains its elasticity and color. Consider inspecting your pool liner every year. Look for signs of wear, including fading, brittleness, wrinkles, and small cracks. If these signs are not yet prominent, and your pool liner is not yet leaking, you may well get a few more good years out of it. Plus, regular maintenance, such as managing the pool’s chemical levels, can significantly prolong the liner’s lifespan.l installation can vary depending on many factors. The least expensive material for pool installation is a vinyl liner which starts at around $30,000 for installation and increases with size and construction needs. The most expensive pool material tends to be concrete which can start at $50,000-$100,000 and increase from there. Contact Legacy today to get an estimate!

How many hours does it take to install an inground pool liner?


Installation time for an inground pool liner largely depends on a variety of factors including the size and shape of the pool, the condition and preparation of the pool substrate, and the specific skills and speed of the installer. However, the general consensus among industry professionals is that it typically takes between 8 to 12 hours to properly install an inground pool liner.


Keep in mind; this is a labor-intensive process—cutting corners or rushing may lead to mistakes that could shorten the life of the liner or damage the pool. Each step from the preparation, actual installation, to the final touches, contributes to the total time required to install an inground pool liner. Our job time can vary greatly depending on the variety of factors that must be considered to give the best results. Contact us today for an estimate!