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Expert Pool Builders in Richmond: Legacy Pools

Are you considering building a pool in your yard? Choosing the right pool builder for your dream backyard oasis can make all of the difference. Whether you’re creating a tranquil escape or a fun-filled retreat, knowing who to trust with your project is crucial. Legacy Pools is ready to help with your pool installation in Virginia. We are expert pool builders in Richmond, VA, that are here to support you through the entire process. Legacy Pools is locally-owned by Aaron Evans who has years of experience in pool building and repair. Aaron and the entire Legacy team pride themselves on providing excellent service and superior construction. Legacy Pools will not only build your pool; we will be your partner throughout your pool ownership. You deserve the pool of your dreams and Legacy is the partner you can trust!

Types of Pools

In today’s market, you’ll find an array of materials used for pool construction, with popular options including concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. As a Virginia pool builder with a lot of repair experience, Legacy Pools only installs durable products.

We offer a vast selection of sizes, designs, and depths for a truly customized pool experience. At Legacy Pools, our commitment is to consistently deliver the absolute best – both in terms of materials and customer service. We’re proud to provide our clients with a durable, cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

How Our Pool Building Works

At Legacy Pools, your fun-filled swimming journey begins with us by your side. Our pool construction methodology is tailored to match your specific needs. We’re committed to providing you with the support and guidance you need in picking the perfect pool for your area. After deciding on the most suitable pool kit, we will schedule a date to begin installation. Our installation process is as follows:


We begin the pool installation by digging out the space for your in-ground pool installation. The dig will be as large as your pool plus 2 feet extra to provide room for materials to be installed.


The polymer panels will be installed using braces to make the walls of your pool. These panels are durable and custom-molded to match the kit selected.

Vinyl liner

Once we have installed your pool walls, the vinyl liner of your choosing will be carefully installed and sealed.

While these are general steps that our swimming pool builders follow, there are many details and processes that we closely monitor to make sure that your pool is exactly what you want. For expert pool installation in Richmond, VA, contact Legacy Pools.

Why Choose Legacy for Your Pool Building Services in Richmond, VA?

Legacy Pools is a locally-owned, family-operated business committed to fostering long-lasting relationships with our customers through exemplary and honest workmanship. The name ‘Legacy’ isn’t just a random choice, it signifies our commitment to creating a lasting impression in the Richmond pool contractor community through our exceptional customer service. That’s our ultimate goal – to build a legacy for our future generations. Let us help make your vision our legacy!

Pool Installation Services Include:
  • Great service from a locally-owned business
  • Expert pool builders to handle any potential issue
  • Top-quality building materials
  • Hands-on management of your project
  • Support before, during, and after the building project

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a permit to build a pool in Virginia?

If you are thinking of building a pool in Richmond, VA, or any part of Virginia, it’s crucial to know that a permit is indeed required. The laws may differ from one locality to another, but generally, you’re obliged to secure a permit for in-ground pools and some types of above-ground pools too. Applying for a permit is a process we can handle for you at Legacy. As part of our comprehensive services, we liaise with the local authorities, ensuring all necessary permits and approvals are secured. This way, we can guarantee that your pool is built in compliance with the latest building codes and safety regulations, promising you a pool that isn’t just beautiful, but also constructed legally and safely.

Whether you dream of a simple backyard pool for the kids or a luxurious oasis with cascading waterfalls, trust Legacy to turn that vision into a reality. With us, your pool building journey is destined to be a smooth sail, right from the initial design stage to the final construction. Aside from building your dream pool, we also give you peace of mind, knowing everything is done right and meets the highest industry standards.

Do you need a fence around your pool in Virginia?

Yes, you indeed need a pool fence. In fact, Virginia has pool barrier laws in place that pool builders must adhere to. These laws are designed to prevent drowning incidents, particularly in children and for general safety around the pool area. Having a fence around your pool is not only about complying with the law. A good pool builder will advise you to consider it as a long-term investment towards safety and security. Pool barriers and fences are instrumental in preventing unwanted or unsupervised access, which is especially critical if you have young children, pets, or frequently entertain guests.

The regulations for pool fences in Virginia stipulate that the fence must be at least 4 feet tall and should not have any gaps or openings that a 4-inch sphere could pass through. The fence or barrier must also feature a self-locking and self-closing gate. If you’re considering building a pool in Virginia, it’s crucial to have a credible pool builder like Legacy Pools who is well-versed with these regulations and can guide you through the process.

What types of pools are best for the climate in Virginia?

The climate in Virginia, characterized by its hot summers and moderately cold winters, significantly influences the type of pools that are most suitable for this region. At Legacy Pools, we have seen that Vinyl Liner Pools are a great fit for the climate of Virginia. The vinyl liners are able to handle fluctuations in temperature with ease. In addition to the Regale kits, we often recommend salt water for our installations. Salt water pools have a natural ability to combat algae growth and require fewer chemicals, balancing the pool’s pH level with relative ease. Want to find out more? Call us today!