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Pool Deck Crack Repair in Richmond, VA

Are you looking for a pool contractor to repair a pool deck crack? At Legacy Pools, we bring top-notch pool structure and machinery repair services to your doorstep. Our team is highly experienced and equipped with expert-level knowledge on how to best  complete your pool deck repair and ensure that it remains not only safe but also visually appealing. Founded and run by Aaron Evans, we are a locally owned business committed to providing excellent service to the Richmond community. With us, your pool deck crack repair is not just another job; it’s a commitment met with passion and skill. At Legacy Pools, we’re more than just a service provider – we’re your partner in pool ownership. No matter what issues you might encounter, we stand prepared to assist you. Be it minor issues or something more intimidating like pool deck cracks, we’ve got you covered!

Typical Issues Encountered During Concrete Pool Deck Crack Repairs

Crack Identification

Identifying the exact root problem causing the crack is a pivotal part of any repair process. Cracks may have occurred due to shifting or settling of the ground, rebar corrosion, freeze and thaw cycles, or improper installation.

Imperfect Repair Work

Incorrect or hurried repairs can lead to increased costs down the line. This can happen when the crack isn’t cleaned properly, the wrong sealant is used, or the sealant isn’t applied correctly.

Matching the Concrete Color

It’s hard to find a repair material that matches the original concrete color, leading to unsightly patches on the deck. This aspect can affect the aesthetics of the pool area.

Timely Repair

Unattended cracks can lead to more extensive damage over time. Water can seep into the smallest crack and cause the rebar to rust or even erode the ground beneath. Repairing these cracks as soon as they are noticed can save significant repair work later.

Environmental Factors

These can significantly impact the repair process. Rain, high humidity, or extreme temperature changes after the repair can lead to the sealant failing or not bonding correctly.

Expansion Joints Failure

The crack might have occurred due to the failure of an expansion joint. In such a case, merely addressing the crack wouldn’t prevent future cracks.

Limited Expertise

Repairing pool deck cracks isn’t a task for every homeowner. The lack of experience or knowledge in how to effectively handle the repairs can lead to further issues down the line.

Using Low-Quality Materials

In an effort to save money, low-quality repair materials might be used. These materials can cause the repair to deteriorate faster, which can lead to more significant issues in the future.

Recognizing these issues beforehand and addressing them effectively can ensure a successful pool deck repair. The professionals at legacy Pools can carry out these repairs effectively, ensuring the longevity and beauty of the pool deck.

How our Pool Deck Repair Works



Usually, damage to your pool deck does not occur overnight; instead, it’s a result of progressive wear and tear, water seepage, ground movement, or other factors. When you notice cracks, chips, or other problems with your pool deck, it’s crucial to have professional pool deck repair services intervene promptly to prevent further damage. When you call Legacy Pools, we start with our initial assessment which helps us understand the nature of the damage and give you an estimate. Our repair process will involve applying a high-quality filler to your pool deck crack. Once the crack is repaired, we may recommend a pool deck resurfacing depending on the severity of the damage. This would protect the deck from future cracking. Call us today for an estimate!

Pool Deck Repair Services Include
  • Pool deck crack repair
  • Pool deck resurfacing
  • Pool renovations
  • Great service from a locally-owned business
  • Expert pool builders to handle any potential issue
  • Top-quality building materials
  • Support before, during, and after your project

Why Choose Legacy for Your Pool Deck Repair Services in Richmond, VA?

Legacy Pools provides so much more than pool deck repair and maintenance – we are a family-run business, rooted in our local Richmond community. Our name, ‘Legacy’, was chosen to represent our unwavering dedication to leave a remarkable, lasting impact on the local pool contractor landscape. We strive to cultivate enduring bonds with our clients, serving up a remarkable blend of uncompromised honesty and superior workmanship. Simply put, your peace of mind is our top priority and we’re committed to being your partner in pool ownership. Your pool vision holds the key to this legacy. Allow us to help shape your vision into our shared legacy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for pool decking to crack?

Cracks in pool decking can be a common and regular sight to many pool owners, especially if the deck has been around for quite some time. This is due to a number of reasons. However, before completing a pool deck repair, it’s essential to understand that not all cracks are the same – some are normal and harmless, whereas others might actually cause potential problems and require urgent attention.


Expandable materials usually make up pool decks, like concrete or cool deck. Weather changes, particularly extremes in temperature, can cause these materials to contract and expand, leading to visible cracks. Other factors such as water exposure, ground movement, and the natural aging process can also contribute to deck cracking.


Tiny, superficial cracks often referred to as “hairline cracks,” are generally harmless and considered normal wear and tear. They may appear unsightly when noticed, but they pose no significant structural issues and are pretty typical for concrete and other similar materials. More significant cracks, especially those wider than 1/4 inch, could entail an underlying problem. These may indicate substantial ground movement, structural weakness, or improper installation. Such cracks are not just unsightly but could pose safety hazards, as they may cause tripping or allow water to seep below the deck, potentially damaging the foundation.


As such, it’s crucial to regularly inspect your pool deck and take note of any changes. Early detection can save you from costly repairs and potential accidents. If you are not sure about the state of the cracks, consult a deck repair professional like Legacy Pools to evaluate the problem and offer the best solution. We can help with your pool deck repair including filling and sealing small cracks, dealing with large cracks, and even resurfacing the entire deck if needed.

What should you do about hairline cracks in your pool deck?
  • Identify and Examine: Begin by thoroughly identifying all hairline cracks in your pool deck. Look for their starting and ending points, their general route, and pay special attention to their width and depth. This initial examination is vital in determining the root cause of the cracks.
  • Consider Causes and Prevention: Hairline cracks can be caused by several factors such as ground movement, exposure to harsh weather conditions or incorrect pool deck installation. As such, consider remedial measures to prevent further occurrence of these cracks. For instance, improving water drainage around the pool deck can protect from soil erosion and thus ground movement.
  • Professional Repair: Although it may be tempting to attempt a DIY repair, getting professional assistance is usually the best course of action. Professionals like Legacy Pools possess the expertise and tools necessary for a proper job. Also, they can diagnose and fix underlying issues that may be causing the hairline cracks, preventing recurring damage.

  • Regular Maintenance: As with any structure, regular maintenance of your pool deck is key. Regular power washing and sealing can help maintain the strength and integrity of your deck, reducing the chance of hairline cracks.
How do you fix a large crack in a pool deck?

If you have a large crack in your pool deck, it is worth consulting with a professional like Legacy Pools. To start our repair, we widen the crack slightly to accommodate the repair material. Next, we use a high-quality concrete filler or sealant. These products are specifically designed to fill in cracks, harden, and blend with the surrounding surface. For large cracks, we might need to use a backer rod before applying the filler. The backer rod helps to fill the void, reducing the amount of repair material you will need and giving added stability to your repair.


After the filler has dried, we will likely seal the entire deck. This helps prevent future cracks and gives your deck a uniform look. We will choose a sealant that’s designed to work with your specific type of pool deck material for the best results. In some cases, we may need to resurface the entire pool deck to get the best result. Call us today to get an estimate!